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Bible Studies

We believe that faith is not static; as God’s children we always have more to learn about Him and His Word. Asking questions is key to developing an understanding of the Word and growing in our faith, and discussing God’s Word as a group can help us as well. Our Pastor will guide these studies and is happy to answer any and all questions you have about faith and the Bible.


We meet every Tuesday to discuss the Bible and answer theological questions. We begin the semester with a book of the Bible, work our way through it, answering questions, then start again with another book. At any time feel free to ask questions about any book of the Bible or faith in general.


On Sundays we meet in the Virginia Tech War Memorial Chapel for a Bible study that is a bit slower-paced, but more in depth. We put our focus on one book of the Bible at a time (usually one book per year or one book per semester with assorted other subjects if they come up) and take a long, detailed look at the meaning behind each verse and its historical implications as well as how it applies to our modern life and society.


Various Facebook Events Like and follow LOVT on Facebook for more info about various events as they approach. We attend many Virginia Tech Hokie football games as a group and occasionally attend movies and other Blacksburg town events together, so keep an eye out for anything we may be planning!